Saturday, September 29, 2012

Suesh Makeup Brushes Haul

I bought my 21 piece makeup brush from Suesh, just a few weeks before I enrolled in the Suesh basic makeup workshop (click link to see post).  That was last summer, so it has been more than six months now.

So, how did my Suesh brushes stand up to use/abuse so far? Scroll after the pictures to know what I thought.

this 21-pc suesh brush set retails for P4500

the brush roll is pretty sturdy and pliant, plus easy to wipe off

the Suesh foundation kabuki brush retails for P500. It is dome-shaped and made of synthetic hair

the Suesh stippling brush retails for a little less than P1000

this was the handout in the basic workshop that I attended a few months ago-- found it tucked somewhere inside my train case so I thought I'd show you too

I also hauled a purple beauty blender dupe for P500, but it seems that I forgot to take a picture of mine. If you are planning to buy a beauty blender dupe, do check if it has tears or holes in it. I was so excited to try mine out that it was only after I had dabbed it with some liquid foundation that I noticed it had a defect.

One of the things that I like about Suesh is their guarantee that they will replace any brush of theirs that sheds. So far, none of mine have shed after several months of use and regular washing.

Plus Points:
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Readily available in Metro Manila because you can order online or go to their branches in Trinoma or Greenhills
  • Did not shed
  • Made of soft natural hair that picked up pigments well
  • Stood wear and tear rather well-- I wash my brushes three to four times a month, sometimes using hospital grade alcohol
  • Comes with guarantee of replacement if it sheds too much
Minus Points:
  • Some may prefer vegan brushes because they don't require any animals to be sheared for their hair.
  • There are about six to eight eyeshadow brushes in this set, but strangely, there isn't even one blending brush. The nearest thing is the bullet-type crease brush which is too short to be used for softening color demarcations when doing eye combos.
  • It would be nice if they included a stippling brush in the 21 piece set-- maybe in lieu of two large powder brushes, they could just have one powder brush and one stippling brush.
My Final Thoughts:
I don't regret buying these Suesh brushes (except for the foundation kabuki which I just don't use at all because I feel like it wastes too much product). Suesh brushes are a good way to start building your makeup brush collection, especially if the more expensive ones like Sigma or MAC are out of your budget. I know that a lot of budding MUAs get Suesh brushes too. I only use these for personal use but they did help me improve my makeup application techniques.

Do you own any Suesh brushes? Are you planning to? Do share!

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