Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Makeup by Yours Truly #1: Grandma

The 'victim': My 85-year old grandma (hugs)

In her heyday, my grandma was a very handsome woman. She had prominent cheekbones, a strong jawline (a very strong-willed dame, this one) and a dark complexion. She never was much for makeup, as I recall. In fact, no one in my family really had makeup artistry ambitions-- I'm actually the first  :)

At her age, my lola does not really like putting on makeup except for very special occasions like weddings and debut parties in the family. One day though, I was in the mood to doll her up just for a quick trip to the grocery, nothing too over-the-top but a fresher version of herself.

The main thing was just to tint and shape her brows, apply a smooth face base to make her skin look more plump (the hard part was buffing the creases out!), and then add some subtle eye and cheek colors. Kasi naman sa grocery lang ang lakad, di ba. The after photo was actually taken about two hours after I finished, which is why she barely had any lipstick left. Sorry for that, but at her age, our grand dame is not really into camwhoring and no one can make her.

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