Saturday, July 14, 2012

Suesh Basic Makeup Workshop

Ok, so this is something that I have been planning to write about for a few months now, but I have somehow never gotten around to doing it. Until now. It's the weekend and I finally have a few minutes to write a beauty-related post.

So last April (told you this post is long overdue), I enrolled in one of Suesh' basic makeup workshop for kicks. I have somehow never really learned to do makeup properly-- and it is only lately, as I descend more comfortably into my very early thirties that I have enjoyed makeup. So, I thought it was just about time.

As you will know if you have ever been on the Suesh website (, the price of the workshops depends on the makeup brush set that you want to get. This makes sense, because you will definitely need your own brushes. As for me, I had actually purchased a 21 piece set along with a foundation kabuki brush and a Beauty Blender dupe about two weeks before that so that means that I would have to pay for the full price of the workshop, which is P2000 + a 5 piece brush set.

I texted one of the owners, Ms. Sheryll, about wanting to enroll. I had been texting her previously because I had ordered my brushes and tools online as opposed to one of their branches and she remembered me. (Don't worry, I plan to review my Suesh tools in a later post, when I get around to it.)

Long story short, I was just asked to pay P1000 for the workshop, which together with the 21 piece set, comes to a total of P5500, the same price that I would have paid had I registered for the workshop when I got my brush set. Needless to say, I was glad :)

As for the workshop itself, I was not as happy afterwards. I mean, before deciding to enrol, I read a couple of blog reviews about it and they all had nice things to say. Unfortunately, my own experience was not that stellar. Don't get me wrong, the workshop itself had great value; it was just that on the day that I attended, Ms. Stacy (the co-owner and instructor for the workshop) appeared to be having a really bad day.

First of all, she arrived late and didn't even apologize, or smile upon coming in the Suesh Greenhills shop. She just went bustling around and wordlessly got things ready. When the workshop itself began, she was indeed professional and asked constantly if we had questions but still, nobody really wanted to ask because somehow we could feel that she wasn't in the mood.

One of the girls taking the workshop with me did ask about where to put blush if she wanted to contour a wide face, only to be told that contouring was part of the advanced workshop, not the basic. To be honest, I was disappointed about it because in their website, contouring was actually listed as part of the agenda for the basic workshop. I mean, we were not asking for anything complicated-- just for a quick tip of where in the cheek to put it.

The whole workshop only lasted for about two and a half hours, max. That includes the waiting time for the before and after pictures to be printed. I thought I was the only one to think it was rather short but at the parking lot, the other girls stuck up a conversation about how they felt bitin too. They also said that they could really sense how Ms. Stacey was so not in a good mood.

The workshop itself will start with the instructor asking for a volunteer. The lucky girl will sit in front and model the 10 basic steps as executed by the instructor. Afterwards, everybody will perform the 10 steps in their own faces (the model will just have to match the done half of her face) using their own brushes and the free Beauty Angel palette that is a freebie for joining the workshop. Brushes and other makeup are also passed around so that you can take what you don't have with you.

Afterwards, you will be taught how to intensify your daytime look to make it more dramatic as an evening look. It's basically just darkening your eyeshadows and lips. Ms. Stacey did go around and show each girl how to do the eyebrow-- which is the one common weak spot we all had.

Objectively speaking, the workshop is a good one for girls who don't really have an idea of how to apply makeup. However, if you are like me who can somehow put a decent face on, then the advanced makeup workshop is probably better for you too. Actually, I was planning to attend the advanced workshop all along-- I just took the basic class because I didn't want any gaps in knowledge (short of like a pre-requisite class, you know?). As you can see, I still hadn't gone to the advanced class because I was thinking that if Ms. Stacy just happened to be in a bad mood again, I was going to be wasting my money.

Still, it is something that I eventually hope to do. Ms. Stacy was a good teacher, and if nothing else, I was able to improve my brow skills. Who knows, with my birthday coming round in a few weeks, maybe someone in the house would actually gift me with a registration-- especially since I am being rather blatant about wanting make-up related gifts this year :)

BTW, the girls who attended this workshop with me were so fun-- especially the one who gave me a ride to the Promenade. I didn't get her name nor number, which is too bad because she seemed like someone I could be friends with :)

This is the group shot of all the workshop participants. You get a group shot, and an individual before and after shot.

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