Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kikay Mom Beauty Day at Nail Spa & Co

It was with a great sense of relief that I pulled in the parking space at Nail Spa & Co. It has been YEARS since I last treated my self to a spa day and I could really use a break. Running after the Wonder Boy, not to mention working full-time, has really taken a toll.

Nail Spa & Co's welcoming facade

I push open the glass doors of the spa and I am greeted by nature sounds and soothing music. I like the smell, akin to mildly-scented lotion. The color palette used in the place also happen to be a favorite: purples and tiffany blue.
 The efficient and pleasant manager, Alwyn, greets me with a friendly smile and we plan project pampering; I wanted a body scrub and massage (package B) but sadly, the body scrub service was unavailable for that day. I just opt to have an extra long full body massage, foot spa, and a manicure-pedicure combo.
Thoughtful touches like rose petals in the soaking water make each treatment extra special.
I sink into one of the comfy chairs and eagerly anticipate my treatment. From that point on, everything was bliss. Nail Spa & Co is certainly much better than other nail salons which just appropriate the term “spa” in their business name. They had extra touches like warm herbal pillows for my shoulders and legs while I was getting my foot scrubbed; and a complimentary snack of hot tea and yummy chocolate cookies that were obviously homemade.
This light but satisfying snack made me enjoy the spa treatments even more.
The massage nook: gold and Tiffany blue. I likey very much.
But the piece de resistance of the day was the full body massage. Now, I am a fan of the Swedish technique but I have certain peculiarities. See, some parts of my body are sensitive to pressure while others are less so. What I hate about most therapists is that they do not seem to have a sense of proportion. I mean, areas like the forearms and the foot should be kneaded less strongly, while fleshier areas like the buttocks and the upper thighs should be massaged with more force because they are denser, in a matter of speaking. In a typical massage, I have to tell the therapists: “not so hard” then later “More force, please”.  But the therapist Rachel (I asked the manager for her name, she was THAT good) hit each spot perfectly without me saying a word.

The day would have ended perfectly if it weren’t for a pair of clients who came in the last thirty minutes of my spa visit. They were both having foot spas. Though they were together, they somehow chose to seat themselves across the room from each other and then proceeded to gossip about their complicated family history. By the time all my nails got painted (they have a wonderful array of designer nail polish), I was ready to bolt out. God, that was really really annoying. Maybe the spa should institute (mandatory) adjacent seating protocol for clients who come in together, to keep the noise level down to a minimum.

Overall though, their services were definitely exceptional and reasonably-priced too. (Click here for their spa menu and rates) I found it interesting that they even offered pre-natal massage and For HIM packages.
But I will be back, soon. I just have to remember to bring earphones next time.

Nail Spa & Co. is at 39 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, QC
You can call them at 383-4707 or Like their Facebook Page

Note: This is another blog post which was originally published January 30, 2012
Disclaimer: This post features a product which had been provided for review purposes. However, all opinions are entirely my own.

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