Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beauty Confession: I can never have enough lip balm

I have lots of lip balm tubes. In fact, I don't recall ever being able to finish one. I carry them around when I'm home (and then often forget where I left them), I always keep some in my bag, and always in my train case. I skip moisturizer and sunblock (bad, I know!) but I swipe on lip balm after washing my face or taking a bath.
Half of the gang is somewhere around the house...
My favorites lip balms: Avon's Simply Pretty Jelly Belly lolly lip balm (love how it subtly enhances the color of my lips) and Estee Lauder lip conditioner (because it's packaged just like a lipstick bullet).

I don't buy popular lip balms like Kiehl's, Jack Black or Lucas Papaw because they are expensive locally and my lips do well enough on the more affordable ones so I just save my money for other beauty treats. I stock up when Avon puts Jelly Belly on sale. However, I have always wanted to own a tub of MAC tinted lip balm-- if you give me one, I surely won't refuse  :)

Off topic anecdote: One time, my son the Wonder Boy swiped on one of my lip balms without me knowing. I only found out later when I used it, and noticed that it felt gritty. Turns out that the gritty bits were chicharon (pork rind) crumbs!

What's your favorite lip balm? Any lemmings? Do share!


  1. Wow! Soo much lip balm! I was also in search of a good and affordable lip balm. Good thing I saw your blog. :)


  2. I can relate to this one! I used to have so many tubes of lipbalms. It's so hard to finish a tube, since you tend to buy a new one when it fancies you - which is very often! Lalo na pag super mura and amoy candy. ;)

  3. Hi, Helen! I know you ARE a fellow lipbalm junkie, lol. Right now I need something even more moisturizing. If you have any recommendations, do let me know :)


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