Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guerlain Meteorites Perles in 01 Rose Teint Review: Updated

So I have had this beautiful tub in my vanity for several months now, and I think it's about time to write a review on what I think about Guerlain Meteorites Perles in 01 Rose Teint, which retails for $59 (30 g):

Guerlain says:
An array of luminescent colours reflects on the skin, creating a burst of pure, absolute, magical radiance in a single application. Discover Les Meteorites de Guerlain, the quintessence of loose powder in the form of pearls. The result of GUERLAIN's unrivalled expertise in powder formulation, these celestial pearls reveal the secret of the purest radiance to every skin tone.

For this unique creation, Guerlain took its inspiration from the way light separates into a spectrum of color. When white light is split through a prism, it transforms into a myriad of different colored rays. Conversely, when these colors are brought together, a single ray of white light is formed. Meteorites produce absolute white light to enhance your complexion by blending together small multicolored pearls, creating that sought after perfect radiance.

Gently swirl the brush over the Meteorites pearls, then apply the veil of delicately perfumed powder over your face.

The Kikay Mom says:
In the interest of being honest, I would have to admit that I love this product-- but that's because I really wanted to love it! Packaging wise, Guerlain really knows what they are doing, and every now and then, I take out my Meteorites just to look and play with it. As for the powder itself, it does deliver on the promise of radiant skin, but don't expect any miracles. Like any other finishing powder, it adds a bit of polish on top of foundation.
I won't bothering swatching the product anymore because frankly, there is nothing to see-- it's almost translucent powder; the different-colored balls don't really have that much pigmentation. But the effect is something so awesome, as you can see in the picture below:
Using Guerlain Meteorites Teint Rose as finishing powder all over the face
The result is a very subtle glow-- too subtle sometimes, for those days and evenings when I really want more drama. So what I do is that I tip out all of the meteorites (carefully) so I can get at the powders that have accumulated at the bottom of the tub. This powder contains more of the heavier fine glitter and that's what I use to look sparkly. No worries about looking like a disco ball, because even the heavier glitter is finely milled, as you will see in this swatch:

When my sister first saw this picture, she actually thought that it was a kind of liquid product.
Honestly, this awesome meteorites are the bomb! Once I learned the knack of using it, I wanted to get more but just told myself that it would take ages before I even get to finish one up. I have to say though that my absolute favorite way of using this is on top of bare skin-- no primer, no foundation, or concealer. It makes my not-so-great complexion look like derma-pampered! UNFORTUNATELY, this method broke me out, probably because it contains bismuth oxychloride. If this does not make sense to you, bismuth oxychloride is a cosmetic ingredient that works its magic by making miniscule scratches on your skin, and then lodging itself in those scratches. I have since learned to only use it when my skin is adequately protected by several layers of product. Too bad.
I count myself lucky that this does not break me out. But because I know that the bismuth will take its toll if abused, I try not to use it on consecutive days just to give my skin a break. Luckily, I'm a WAHM who doesn't wear makeup everyday, so that's cool.
Would I buy this again? Probably not. For one thing, it will be long before I use it up and also, there are other products which can also deliver the same results, such as MUFE HD finishing powder. But then again, this is such a luxe item and something which I have been wanting to try since I was in my teens, so I'm glad to finally have it.

A few times after using this, I noticed that my face just tends to oil up faster that when I go without, so I went a few weeks without using it. One idle day though, I hit on the idea of taking out all the sparkly balls (the silver and champagne ones) and it was lovely! I still got the Photoshop finish but it's now definitely more friendly to my combination skin. I now keep the sparkly balls in a separate container-- will likely use it as a face and body highlighter. I am loving the satiny finish my de-sparkled Meteorites are giving me.

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