Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Love-Hate Relationship with MAC Pink Nouveau

When I first saw Pink Nouveau worn, it was on a MAC SA who had on a grey smokey look. I was asking another MAC MUA for a nice pink lipstick suggestion and she pointed out Pink Nouveau which I liked on the tube. The mistake was in also pointing out that her associate was wearing it too, because to me, it looked rather neonish. Not a good look for me because I needed something safer, so I passed and got Cosmo instead.

For a few weeks after that, I was feeling more adventurous and wanted a statement pink color, so I hied off to MAC again, this time, in quest of Girl About Town. This was a permanent shade so I was crestfallen to learn that while it was permanent, it was not for Southeast Asia release. I had to come home with something and so I said to heck with it and got Pink Nouveau.

And thus begins a love-hate relationship with MAC Pink Nouveau. If you would like to know how it all ends, read on after the jump.

I have to admit that Pink Nouveau lived for months in my train case without ever seeing the outside of my room. I would put it on before I went out but because it just looked to garish and made my teeth look yellow, I would wipe it off and pick another lipstick again. For a while, I wore it layered with different shades of MAC tinted lipglass but I still felt that while it was very pretty, it was something that only fellow beauty junkies could appreciate.

Until one day, when I tried applying just one coat of lipstick. I was in love, without reservations. With two coats, it looked so flashy but with just a thin layer, it was still a girly-girl pink but warmer and less OTT.
That's my Wonder Boy: which is why this blog is called "The Kikay Mom" and  not  "The Kikay Girl"  :)

MAC Pink Nouveau is my favorite lipstick to date, especially when I need something to brighten up my face. It can be drying but a thin layer of lip balm underneath makes it look so much better, especially since I love a little sheen in my lips.

Plus Points:

  • Pretty color
  • Satin finish means longer wear
  • Nice vanilla scent (no taste though);
  • Applies smoothly
  • Can be layered for intensity, if you want a more neon look
Minus Points:
  • Can be drying for some
  • Emphasizes dry patches on lips, if you have any
  • Can make teeth look gray or yellow
  • May be too cool for some skin tones
  • MAC lipsticks sell for P1000 locally, so may be too pricey for some, especially if you compare with US prices (only around P600-700 in the States)
Will I repurchase? Probably, but I really am fickle when it comes to lipstick repurchases.

Do you have MAC Pink Nouveau? What colors do you wear it with? Do share!

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