Friday, September 14, 2012

The Multiply Frenzy: Seche Vite, CND, Zoya and Queen Helene

About a week ago, shopping site Multiply held one of its frenzies. Apparently, this is a regular thing where you get an amazing P500 off P1500 when you buy from their trusted online shops. I only got to know about it because some sellers like Digital Traincase hyped it up on their Facebook pages. So I followed the trail and was led to Multiply's own FB page and waited around for the frenzy to begin.

This was my first time to join this, so I didn't quite know what to expect but from reading previous entries and following conversation threads on the page, I understood that for one hour, Multiply will be releasing a P500 discount code applicable for minimum purchase of P1500 from trusted shops (these are stores which bear the Trusted Seller logo). A good strategy is to browse ahead of time and place your picks on your shopping cart, so that when the discount code is activated, all you have to do is to key it in and checkout within the allotted hour.

Do you have to spend the entire P1500 at just one Multiply shop?
This is actually something which was asked by another Frenzy newbie like myself.

This was a concern of mine because when I picked my haul from Carefree Shopper, the total only came to P1200. I'm trying to be more responsible with my shopping (ha!) so I didn't want to get anything which I wouldn't have bought anyway, so I had to look around for another item to bring up the total to at least P1500.

What I did was that I bought another item (a Zoya polish) from Polish Please! to reach the minimum. However, this made me lose the free shipping perk from BOTH shops and I had to pay courier charges.
Here's a breakdown of my Frenzy haul:

From Carefree Shopper:
Carefree Shopper was nice enough to include a Clarins sample :)

  • Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat - P395
  • CND Stickey Base Coat -  P450
  • Queen Helene Mint Masque  - P300   
The total for these is P1145.

From Polish Please! I got a Zoya Petra polish worth P400, bringing up the grand total to P1545.
I like how girly her calling card is.

Now, with P500 off, I should only have paid P1045 but with shipping charges, my grand total was actually P1, 167. That means that my shipping comes to around P122 for both orders. Polish Please! is based in Metro Manila, while Carefree Shopper is in Bacolod City. I'm assuming that Polish Please! got P40, and Carefree Shopper got P82--- which is actually the cheapest possible rates for courier delivery for orders within and outside Manila, respectively. So, no qualms about that.

Carefree Shopper's packaging: lots and lots of bubble wrap to ensure that my goodies arrived perfectly intact all the way from Bacolod City.

So happy with my haul!

One of the best things that I liked about my Multiply Frenzy haul is that I was able to get items that I had been thinking of buying anyway. I admit to sometimes just getting something because it was on sale but this time, these purchases are really stuff which I have been needing for quite some time but somehow never got around to picking up. I especially look forward to trying and reviewing the Queen Helene masque-- lots of beauty bloggers rave about its ability to dry up pimples and with my erratic sleep hours lately, I got lots of blemishes to try it out on.

How about you, did you manage to join the frenzy? What did you get? Do share!

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