Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kikay Mom was there: Maven beyond the Blush Beauty Blowout 2

After learning from my tita that I missed out on such a great event when Maven magazine held a beauty event at Trinoma, I just knew that I couldn't miss the second leg at the Glorietta. So despite a rainy afternoon, I hied off to Ayala Avenue and signed up for a day of workshops and beauty loot.

I must say that I enjoyed quite a lot-- my favorite speaker was actually beauty queen Karen Ostrea from Global Image Management. Her talk was all about how to conduct yourself professionally so you can make a good first impression and leave a lasting impact. The topic covered various topics like knowing your body type so you can properly dress for it. So I learned that I had medium build and a long neck. She also discussed various levels of dress: corporate, smart casual, etc. Now that I am so into makeup, I found it interesting how cool and warm tones can really make a difference in your overall look.

pink champagne by Manny O.
 Benefit Chief MUA Mica was also there-- I found it cool that she is also pregnant like Nikki of AMW, because both Mica and Nikki are some of the great artists that I follow through the blogosphere when it comes to tips, technique and reviews. Mica introduced several Benefit kits that had just recently launched. My favorite would be How to be the Best in Everything because it contains everything you need to create a perfect face base. Benefit kits offer so much value too-- you really save a lot compared to buying each item individually. And of course, cute packaging has always been one of Benefit's forte.

I really found it amusing when Mica said that the goal of eyebrow makeup is to make your brows look like sisters, not twins. That is such a relief too, because now at least I know that asymmetrical brows are just normal. You won't believe how much I hate mine sometimes!

There was also a skin care talk by Prime Skin Asia, a financial workshop by the notable Ben Ampil, and a day/night makeup demo by The Face Shop-- a brand that I am now ready to explore more after loving their chocolate brown liquid eyeliner.

All throughout the day, there were many raffles and beauty loot being given away but of course, I have always been unlucky with things like that and didn't get anything at all (sob). Good thing that the loot bag contained such wonderful goodies, so even if I didn't win, I came home with lovely goodies to try (and review!) later.

There were also various booths by Snoe, Wet n Wild, Milea, and others. I also saw Digital Traincase there and got something that I have heard so much about but haven't tried before: the NYX matte lip cream. I have been wanting it in the shade Stockholm ever since I saw how it looked on Shen. Review to be posted after I have given this baby a try.

I had such a lovely time that I didn't even pay attention to the rain coming down in buckets outside.

PS: Shout out to fellow blogger Kim-- hope to see you in other beauty events :)

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