Friday, September 21, 2012

Rant: Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette

Since I switched to trusted makeup brands like MAC, Urban Decay and Wet n' Wild, I only have to do minimal touch-ups during the day. At most, I would only need to blot and reapply powder and lip color because I have oily skin and well, I talk a lot. While I love putting on a full face on makeup, I don't do it everyday just to let my skin rest. So sometimes, something comes up mid-day and I need to put on a more elaborate face than my usual minimal look.

I prefer doing my own makeup at home because there I have all my tools and whatnot. As much as I would love doing a complicated three-color foundation routine on the go, I can't always tote a traincase around. This is why I am on the lookout for palettes that are both small and sophisticated enough to bring in a kikay kit. And I thought, since Revlon is generally a good drugstore brand, the Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette would be a good buy.

But it was a waste of money. So much so that I am really at a lost to understand why Revlon is still selling these at all. I got the Peach palette and it has absolutely NO pigmentation! I have had better color pay-off using those kiddie makeup that they sell at Toy Kingdom. And I'm not exaggerating. I feel like Revlon owes its consumers an apology for letting this product be released. I wasted my money and I hate that.

So what do I mean by no pigmentation, you ask? Well, take the included makeup brush and swirl it aggressively onto the powders; apply it onto your face and nothing!

Use your preferred blush brush and irritably jab at the powders to loosen some product. Check that the brush hairs have picked up some and then swatch on the underside of your arm (which is like NC20 in my case) and nothing!

Still hoping against hope that you haven't just blown up your hard-earned cash like a sucker, scratch at the palette using your fingernails. Watch in satisfaction to see the product crumble (crrruuuuuuummmbleeee!). Pinch a lot of the loosened powder and rub it into the NC20ish skin on the inside of your wrist and marvel how you get nothing but a hint of glittery shimmer.

Get it?

This palette retails in the US for $10. It sells for a lot more locally.There are four varieties (peach, pink, berry and neutral) and too late for me, I learned from other reviews that all of them are this crappy.  I hate to waste makeup money like this. Not cool, Revlon. Not &^%$* cool at all.

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