Friday, May 2, 2014

My Green Halo haul

So last Holy Week, I blogged that I ordered a couple of natural crystal bracelets From Green Halo. The bracelets arrived and they were so lovely that I couldn't help but order more! And here I was, feeling rather smug because I had gotten better at not spending :)

But (and excuse me for attempting to rationalize here) take a look at these beauties and if you're a crystal lover, you would perfectly understand why:

Green Halo haul! I really only meant to get ONE
Green Halo is turning out to be quite a treasure trove. First of all, their 40% off sale is still ongoing and then, I managed to unearth their year-old picture album of chip bracelets-- would you believe that each strand is only P200?
This is my garnet strand. This was such a surprise! In dim light, it looks like plain dark burgundy but hold it up and it looks like it's on fire!
The idea behind the crystal strands is that you can customize the energies that you need. For example, if you want more business luck you can combine citrine, aventurine and clear quartz. Citrine and aventurine are so-called 'money stones' while clear quartz magnifies the energy of any stone used with it (see Monica, I've been reading up! hahaha). Or, you could wing it and choose what you think looks pretty, like my stacks below:

Black obsidian, garnet and clear quartz

Amethyst, rose quartz and blue lace agate
As usual, each Green Halo order comes with info regarding the energy of your crystals, how to program it, etc. I don't claim to be any expert so if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask Monica. She really knows a lot, plus she mostly deals with the heavy orders like huge natural rocks and druzees for people who really invest in crystals. You'll find her very nice and helpful too.

Aside from the chip bracelets, the rest of my haul are:
Pink calcite and peridot jasper. The color combination is so Lily Pulitzer. Click on the image to get a bigger view and you'll see the slightly gritty surfaces, which really gives it character.


Red coral, black tourmaline and onyx. To be honest, I don't know which ones are onyx and which ones are tourmaline. 
Pardon the picture-heavy post but some Facebook friends were curious about the quality of the stones. Green Halo owner Monica shares that she sources hers from the US, to make sure that they are authentic. In my experience, authentic stones feel so distinct from synthetics; first of all, they feel cold rather than warm (like how a stone floor feels) and they have a certain heft to them.

What are your favorite kinds of accessories? Are you into crystals too?

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  1. Thanks Chrystal!! .. and that's good that you read up on Crystals!! .. you have your own haul already, and if your purpose for now, is only their aesthetic value, why not further their use by benefiting from their natural energy!! :-) diba? :-)
    Thanks so much Chrystal for your kind words :-)


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