Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are you into crystals? Green Halo is having a Facebook sale

If you've read my post about the Farah Abu bangle that I got from AVA, then you already know that I love chunky hand-made jewelry, especially those that feature semi-precious minerals. Green Halo happens to be one of those that I stalk regularly because they do have cool pieces. Green Halo used to be a Zalora vendor but have since pulled out. Luckily, I liked the Green Halo Facebook page before that, so I still saw their inventory on my news feed every now and then.

Yesterday, Green Halo posted an 40% off album, dubbing it their Mother's Day sale (it's on May 11, so better make sure you get your moms something!) and long story short, I saw something that I loved:

Green Halo pink calcite and peridot jasper bangles

I couldn't believe that both bangles were selling for only P690! These are made with pink calcite and peridot jasper. With shipping (P40) plus a 5% surcharge because I opted to pay through Paypal rather than through bank deposit, it still came down to less than eight hundred pesos. Such a steal. If you like it too, the bad news is that I got the last pieces. The good news that there are others just as lovely, like this one made with blue calcite and black tourmaline:
Green Halo blue calcite and black tourmaline bracelet
Just so you know, Green Halo uses natural minerals for their pieces, not synthetics. In fact, when you order something from them, you get info cards telling you how to 'program' the crystals so you can use reap their healing and spiritual benefits. I have to admit that when it comes to crystals, I do wear them primarily for their beauty but hey, if it helps me be more grounded and creative even a little then yay.

The photo above was grabbed from Green Halo's sale album. Since Holy Week non-working holidays have officially started, courier operations will resume next week so I don't have my order just yet.

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