Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lush Holiday 2012 Haul at 50% Off

Are you a fellow Lushie? If so, then you may already know that Lush is holding their annual post-holiday sale. The sale includes only those limited edition goodies which they roll out towards the end of the year, so year-round bestsellers like the It's Raining Men shower gel and Karma soap is sadly still selling at full retail prices. On the other hand, their yearly holiday collection does include some awesome products like the Snow Fairy shower gel (my fave!) and the Snowcake soap, among others.

Last December, I have been very good and only bought one 250g bottle of the Snow Fairy, telling myself that I will pick up the rest of my wishlist when it goes on sale. And as a reward, I got to save myself quite a few pesos. Let me share with you my small haul:
The Snowcake soap just came in two blocks. Since this is a rather creamy bar, using individual smaller slices helps it last longer compared to wetting the entire chunk. You can have it sliced like that at the store, but I enjoy doing it myself because it's like cutting butter  :)
I got the 500g bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel (the biggest size), a pot of Popcorn lip scrub, and two chunks of Snowcake soap. I actually called ahead and reserved two bottles of Snow Fairy but upon checking the labels and seeing that the entire batch of Snow Fairies expire by Feb 2013, I only bought one. The regular prices versus the discount is as follows:

Snow Fairy shower gel: P945.00 at 50% = P472.50
Snowcake soap, 185g: P453.25 at 50% = P227
Popcorn Lip Scrub 25g: P495.00 at 50% off = P247.50

The total bill should have cost P1,893.25, but because of the sale I only paid P946.63 after taxes. Yay! That's like getting the lip scrub and the solid soap for free.

This chunk weighs a little under 100 grams.

The Lush sale runs from January 10 to 31. The salespeople at Lush Trinoma are always lovely, and they would gladly answer inquiries or even reserve certain items for you if you call them at 9153016. They also have other branches at SM The Block, Shangri-la, Megamall, etc. They will soon open in Robinson's Magnolia too, so watch out for that.

I wish I could link you to the Lush Philippines website or Facebook page but sadly, both seem to have been neglected for quite some time now. You can head on over to to see the list of products for reference. Local Lush stores also carry complimentary printed copies of The Lush Times, which contain their complete products and prices list.

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