Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unboxing: Guerlain Meteorites Perles in 01 Teint Rose

Normally, any new product that I buy will be sitting in my train case for weeks before getting featured on my blog but unboxing my Guerlain Meteorites Perles in 01 Teint Rose is just too momentous for me and I can't wait. For one thing, this product is very pricey ($59) so I have been dreaming about these for years, even since as a teen I saw it featured in a high fashion magazine. However, because I had a chance to buy it as half off, I took a leap and clicked BUY.
My mini-haul: a client paid through Paypal and rather than go through the trouble and expense of converting it to cash, I decided to indulge myself. I have been feeling burned out and stressed lately, and I just needed to be kind to myself. (Rationalizing much? LOL)
Note that this will be a picture heavy post-- I intend to use up those poor pearls (though beauty bloggers all say that it will take ages) so I want pictures to remind me of how pretty they looked in their pristine condition.

Of course, I immediately swatched these beauties within a few minutes of excitedly opening the package. Using a new retractable brush that I just bought from Beauty and Minerals I dabbed a little on my bare face to see what the effect would be. From my first impression, I would say that the effect is somewhat like dabbing Benefit Girl meets Pearl all over-- very subtle and soft-focus like, which is exactly what
I have been hoping for. By the way, I bought Girl meets pearl because of Askmewhat's recommendation. I will link to her post when I get around to reviewing this one later.

the gardenia design on the cover is embossed, while the guerlain signature is engraved. the tin has a metal-like feel to it, though it is rather light. definitely better than the old cardboard they were using a few years back

if you open the tin and sniff, you will get a whiff of violets.

I got it in 01 Teint Rose, which is apparently the reincarnated version of the original Mythic meteorites. I was actually worried that it would look chalky or too pale for my NC 30 skin, because I have read MUA reviews about this. Even Temptalia recommended the 02 Teint Beige for my skin tone, although she did qualify that this product was so subtle that there really aren't any major differences between 01, 02 and 03. Still, this is too expensive for me to make a mistake and I was just glad that it looked okay.
I bought this online and it was delivered via courier. I am just glad that the sponge served its function well and prevented the pearls from being crushed during transport.

the container is only about 2/3 full-- basically you will be getting a little more than two layers of these little pearls

for reference, the tub contains 30g of powder in all. The average face compact will contain between 10 to 15g, MAC studio fix foundation has 15g.

Sorry but there are not going to be any face swatches of this-- I have already mentioned that I am not that good with the camera and so even if I try, the effect will not show up anyway. I have to say though. that it really looks lovely and my first thought-- which I will be quelling-- is that I must get in touch with the seller and see how I could have more.

It is expensive but since I got this at a big discount (for the local price of a MAC foundation), I definitely think that it is worth it.


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