Saturday, August 11, 2012

Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Fuchsia Fun Swatch, Review

In my review for the Avon Ideal Luminous blushes (click link to see post), I already complained about how hard it was to pick specific colors based on their catalogues. I was looking for a good dupe for MAC Girl about Town, which was a bright fuchsia pink color, because that particular shade was only available in North America. As a MAC makeup artist had recently texted me that this shade will never be available in their local stores, I bought Avon Fuchsia Fun. On Anne Curtis’ catalogue images, it looked very opaque, and very pigmented.

As for the color, it was really not what I was looking for. On the other hand, it was pretty but it swatches a bit sheer and was not that pigmented as a result. It was not that drying but it was not moisturizing either. As for texture, it was similar to MAC lustres, and I suppose the added slip made it less lasting. 
Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact lipstick in Fuchsia Fun

The color lasted about two hours on my lips, with some fading, as compared to the average Mac lipstick lasting a bit more than three hours. On my pigmented lips, it turned out to me somewhat reminiscent of berries, so I did not really like it. Others who are not really looking for a specific look may find it ok though, as it was indeed pretty. I imagine that the color would be more true to tube on someone with paler lips than mine.
I would not repurchase but then again, I don’t exactly hate it. It just happens to be not my color preference. Still, priced at around P260 and with Avon’s frequent discounts, it can be a good buy.

I did find a good use for this lipstick-- one rainy day, I had an empty concealer pan so I though I would try making a custom bisque concealer shade just for kicks, like what guru Wayne Goss says. I used it to warm up a Maybelline concealer stick that was too pale for me to use even underneath my eyes. One of these days, I will post about it.


  1. That was a great idea: mixing the lipstick with the concealer. Thanks, maybe I'll try it to finally use up my concealer. I watch GossMakeupArtist too! I like looks he comes up with and the direct, to-the-point videos although I do feel that he uses too many products. Did you finally post an article on the lipstick plus concealer idea?

  2. I had been meaning too-- the pictures have been hibernating in my camera for months now! I will get to it soon-- but let me tell you that Wayne was right: I ended up with a salmon-colored concealer that works wonders on my undereyes :)


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