Monday, March 31, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Lux Review

It's definitely shiny. WB actually called it 'fabulous'--- and I have to agree.

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Lux, a rose quartz sparkle (Click on images for a larger view)
I love Zoya Pixie Dusts (especially Stevie) and for the past six months. They're sparkly, they don't need base coat or topcoat, and when they get dinged up or a bit dull, you just swipe on another coat if you can't redo your nails for that day. So when I saw US nail bloggers posting about the latest collection a few weeks ago, I just knew I had to have at least one. Other than Lux, which Zoya describes as a rose quartz sparkle, the Magical Pixie Dust collection for Spring 2014 also includes two more: Vega (blue opal sparkle) and Cosmo (silver crystal sparkle). 

My pictures don't nearly show just how awesome these are, and you can head over to Polish Hound and Manicurator to see the whole collection swatched but let me just tell you about what Lux was like for a rookie nail polish lover. Some of the blogs reported that this collection was harder to apply than the other Pixies but for me, it was simple enough.

The first coat is not really that rough but for the second (and third ones) you might want to do a dabbing technique because the formula is a little thicker and tends to drag. But you don't really need to push the glitters around-- it's chockful of sparkly, pretty bits with some larger hex-shaped ones thrown in. When it dries, it's really textured and I imagine it would snag on pantyhose but you can smooth it a little bit by laying a coat of Seche Vite on top.

This glitter is hungry though, so even with a top coat it will still be textured. Plus, a single layer won't really change the appearance that much. This is currently my favorite nail polish, because it makes my hand look really dainty in a glitzy sort of way. And I do love sparkle and blingy things every now and then.

Like my other Zoyas, I bought mine at Polish Please! for P425 plus shipping.

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  1. I love glitters on my nails! Great find! :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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