Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mom leaves twins in hot car for 39 minutes while she shops at a beauty store --

Okay, so this is a rant-ish post. I came upon this article which reports how a mom of 3 1/2 year old twins (very very close to my own boy's age!) left her children strapped inside the car for almost 40 minutes while she did a beauty run at Ulta. I mean, even if you lost your entire make-up stash, is that really such a dire emergency? And setting aside the fact that a lot of children had died from dehydration and metabolic imbalance because of the extreme heat that can build up inside the car once you turn the air conditioning off, what about the greater concern of security? Any stranger can break in and harm or steal your kids while you are gone.

The children have been rescued by child services and the mom arrested. And I hope other moms know better than this.


  1. 40 mins :O that's too long also i wouldn't leave kids alone in a car that's dangerous esp in my country :(

  2. hi :) i nominated you for a Liebster award, hope you can come over my blog to check it. :)

  3. Seriously?! That's awful! Irresponsible parenting, much?

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