Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Washable Mascara Review

Maybelline mascaras are my favorite but the "Volum'" part irritates the heck out of me. I think it's stupid. Anyhow, right before I bought this from Bon Marche, (to go to their temp online store, click here) all the mascara I had in my stash was the Rimmel iMax Volume Flash and a waterproof tube of Maybelline Colossal. Rimmel left me un-wowed and I only use waterproof mascara for when it's absolutely necessary so I was in the market for something that could give me vavavoom lashes just for everyday.

A few months ago, I actually tried the much-raved about Maybelline The Falsies formula but it left me with a sour taste in the mouth. I bought my tube from Landmark in Trinoma, put it away unopened for a few days only to find out that they gave me one that's all dried out. I've heard other local bloggers complain about old mascara being sold in malls and such; I buy mine online from retailers and never had a problem.

Anyhow, I was browsing through Multiply (before they went into a major revamp) and saw Bon Marche had one last tube left for only P300:
P300/9ml. Cheap and promising.
The Rocket mascara is being marketed as a volumizing mascara, just like the Colossal is. It promises to amp your lashes by 8x and to give clump-free application to boot. I'm not going to bore you with a lot of product information that you can find on their website anyway. I'm just going to go straight on to the nitty-gritty of this review.

Here's the rubber brush. As you can see, it's rather big and has often been compared to the Cover Girl Lash Blast. I have fairly long and curled lashes naturally and so I dig big mascara wands.

The formula is a bit wet but that's alright. I find this to be true with most Maybelline mascaras anyway. The wand bristles are a bit shorter than the Colossal's, which meant that I found it a bit clumsy at first. However, I soon got the hang of it and eventually managed to coat both top and bottom lashes (including the shorter hairs on the sides) without making too much mess. Here are some before and after shots:

Bare lashes

With two coats

Two coats, no curling
I'm sorry but I don't have full face-on shots of me wearing this; I'm still figuring out how to do those. But can you see how crazy long this product made my bottom lashes look?

The formula does not weigh my lashes down and I haven't noticed any flaking or smudging-- which is quite a feat in this awful summer weather we have been having. The pictures above were taken the first time I tried on this product and so it's a bit more clumpy and wet. I've been using this mascara for over a month now, and just like every other Maybelline mascara I've tried, I love it even more now that it's dried a bit. I would even dare say that it performs just as well, if not better, as the Colossal in that I've had people I got false eyelashes on when I use this with gel eyeliner and lash curlers.

Overall, I love this product. 

How about you? Are you in love with Maybelline mascaras too, or is your heart elsewhere? Feel free to share your favorite in the comments below; I'd love to expand my lash horizons!


  1. I'm actually in love with Falsies Mascara from Maybelline. Might try the Colossal next :)


  2. I heard so many raves about the Falsies I definitely will try it one of these days. Where do you get yours?

  3. I love maybelline mascaras but it has been a while since I had one. Been experimenting with other brands for now. :)

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    Much love,

  5. i also like maybelline mascaras :) my next mascara on the list would be the falsies, which i heard is similar to this one. thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wow! It really added volume to your lashes!
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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